“Life should have humour, a punch of mystery…and of course, love”.  J M Dolan



J M Dolan began writing on an old borrowed typewriter for extra credit in high school. With a love of reading and an insatiable curiosity, storytelling came naturally, and even as a child, creative thought became stories played through the mind like a movie.

Devoted to family and community, hard work and perseverance, J M has travelled extensively and has sought personal development in a variety of careers.


Alberta Writer’s Guild



News & Events


Wonderful day spent at the Chapters in St. Albert. Thank you to Management and Staff and the special people of St. Albert for their support and hugs.


imagePictures from successful J M Dolan Author event at Coles Book Store, Lloydminster, Alberta. Meet so many lovely people. Thank you Lloydminster.


Saturday, July 6th, 11 – 4 pm, Chapters St. Albert

Meet J M Dolan for readings and discussion on July 6th, 11 – 4 pm at Chapters in St. Albert. You can connect with J M on Facebook or visit jmdolanauthor.wordpress.com. J M Dolan presented a first novel, Unredeemed, (BWL Publishing Inc.) to positive reviews in local and social media. In this romantic suspense, investigator Jamee Blair enlists politician appointed Sam Craig to help unravel the disturbing mystery of a missing caregiver. As the conspiracy unfolds in cities across Alberta, Jamee and Sam find themselves navigating the twists and turns of Canada’s seedy underground world of human trafficking, linking international organized crime, murder, spies and espionage. Will car chase scenes, high-tech drama and comedy filled one-line zingers (aimed to keep Sam at arm’s distance) become Jamee’s second chance at happiness? Unredeemed is chock-full of suspense, memorable characters and a storyline that will keep you guessing.


Pictures from writer’s conference return drive home of Jasper BC, Pyramid Lake and Patricia Lake under the shadow of Mt. Rundle.




Join J M Dolan presenting a first novel, Unredeemed, (BWL Publishing Inc.) on May 25th from 11-4 pm, at Coles in the Lloyd Mall, Lloydminster, Alberta or at Chapters, St. Albert, Alberta, July 6th, 11-4 pm . In this romantic thriller, amateur investigator Jamee Blair enlists politician appointed Sam Craig to unravel the disturbing mystery of a missing caregiver. As the conspiracy unfolds in cities across Alberta, Jamee and Sam find themselves navigating the twists and turns of Canada’s seedy underground of human trafficking, linking international organized crime, murder, spies and espionage. Will car chase scenes, high-tech drama and comedy filled one-line zingers, aimed to keep Sam at arm’s distance, become Jamee’s second chance at happiness? Unredeemed is chock-full of suspense, memorable characters and a storyline that will keep you guessing. For more information and to connect with Dolan, visit jmdolanauthor.wordpress.com.


Coles (Lloyd Mall)'s photo.


Wonderful time spent at the Word On the Lake writer’s conference, Salmon Arm, B.C.

May 9, 10, 11, 2019


Thank you, Canmore, AB







Spring flowers and colours, wonderful.

Vermilion Author Reading and Signing


Wonderful event. I was totally wowed by the support and encouragement of the community. Thank you everyone!



Mannville Author Reading

A very successful, J M Dolan author event for my book Unredeemed. Wonderful to see old friends and make a few new ones. Book sales are going well, thanks to all of you.






Maureen Jennings, Murdoch Mysteries – Starfest

I have been been giving myself an October treat by attending author favourites presenting at Starfest, St. Albert’s Reader’s Festival. Maureen Jennings, pictured, appeared to a sold out audience.






The four hours of driving was well worth the trip to be totally inspired by Maureen Jennings and her impressive body of work. Maureen Jennings, is the author of the Dective Murdoch series of novels, which inspired the TV series, Murdoch Mysties. A recipient of eight nominations from Crime Writers of Canada, Maureen Jennings took the stage in conversation with local mystery writer, Janice MacDonald.


imageThankfully, the snow disappeared in time for travel as our little group headed into Edmonton to see BURTON CUMMINGS in concert. Awesome show! He still has the voice. For all you fans a must see. A couple sitting beside us said this was the third time they’d seen him at the River Cree Resort so if we’re lucky we’ll catch him there again sometime.


Winter came early to Alberta. Happy Thanksgiving!








A chilly stay-vacation to Calgary included a visit to the 127 acre, Heritage Park. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend this wonderfully scenic natural park, complete with iconic images of Alberta’s wildlife and historical past.

My highlight was the Famous Five Centre of Canadian Women located in the replica of McClung’s home. Nellie and her colleagues brought social and moral reform and the granting to Canadian women the right to vote.

Gasoline Alley is another must see for motor car enthusiasts but it also captures the impact motorized travel made to the development of our culture and expansive country.

For those of you following the progress of my novel, Unredeemed, I managed to included some successful book sales in my trip. Keep a watch out for Author Events soon to be scheduled.







Unredeemed in Print is Now Available! See the Shop for more details.

Golden Pen Award

J M Dolan was presented with the Golden Pen Award upon the new release of Unredeemed, a romantic suspense mystery thriller.

Golden Pen Award

Meet the Author on August 11th!

Come meet J M Dolan at the When Worlds Collide festival this August! J M will be at the BWL Publishing book signing table on August 11th.

When Worlds Collide runs from August 10 – 12, 2018 at the Delta Calgary South in Calgary Alberta. To find out more: www.whenwordscollide.org/about.php

Out Now!

Unredeemed by J M Dolan is now available as an electronic book! Stay tuned for the hard copy coming mid-July.

Find the ebook here: https://books2read.com/Unredeemed

Meet the Author on June 24th!

J M Dolan will be at the Sultry & Sweet Summer Reads event in Calgary on June 24, 2018 to promote the upcoming release of “Unredeemed”!

Find more information & to RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/sultry-sweet-summer-reads-yyc-tickets-45107014294

Sultry & Sweet Summer Reads YYC by GENRES were made to be BROKEN & M. Jane Colette on Sunday, June 24, 2018 from Noon – 4 pm MDT @ Eau Claire Market in Calgary, AB.


Had a great time meeting interesting people and networking with other BWL Publishing authors; Jude Pittman, Nancy M Bell, Mohan Ashtakala, Victoria Chatham,  A.M. Westerling, and Mahrie G Reid at Sultry & Summer reads, romance reader festival, Eau Claire Market, Calgary.









Public Relation (PR) Package
Reviews for Unredeemed

“A tense well-written story. Suspense is an accurate description. Jamee’s search for a missing home care provider leads her into international people smuggling and the meeting with a man she can love. As well, there are villains. All the characters major and minor are developed to a tee. Enjoyed this book greatly.”

Janet Walters, Author

“Dolan’s debut novel is a grabber right from the first page. Human trafficking, fraudulent passports and visas, and all our heroine was trying to do was pick up a much needed caregiver from the airport. Dolan has done a fantastic job of laying out this very complex and multi-layered plot. If you’re a fan of tricky to solve mysteries and puzzles that keep your head buzzing, like I am, then the dead ends and scary detours in this very well plotted and well-written mystery will have you reading way past time to turn out the light and hit your pillow — at least that’s what happened when I started reading way too late. Great job.”

Jude Pittman, Author



Author’s Note:  Unredeemed by J M Dolan

In the fictional novel, “Unredeemed”, Jamee Blair investigates one way that the violation of basic human rights results through human trafficking in Canada. The subject of this book is fictional, but the truth of human trafficking is not. Slavery persists in the form of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. RCMP Criminal Intelligence in collaboration with Human Trafficking National Coordination Center continue to recognize domestically and globally this emerging criminal issue as a growing sector of organized crime.

Human trafficking is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Acts. Those who are most likely at risk are persons who are socially or economically disadvantaged.

If you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking, call 9-1-1 or your local police. If you wish to anonymously report a case of trafficking, please call Crime Stoppers National Tipline at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

For more information check out some of these sites:





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